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Turn Any Wall into an Interactive
Sports Activity 

MultiBall is the world's frst mixed reality sports gaming platform. Using technology and gamifcation, we turn all forms of ball sports into a connected experience that will make anybody move. Our sensor frame consists of a highly reliable and precise tracking system that detects all sorts of balls and players movement in real time. With our growing number of applications for all sports, your workout has never been more fun.

MultiBall enables you to enjoy sports by making it fun, intuitive and without the need for any explanation or supervision. Simply touch the wall to reach the menu and pick your favorite game or training module. The frst ball on the wall starts the application.

Exercise and Training

Entertainment and Fun

Wow your attendees with an interactive gaming experience

Perfect for: Training Centers, Recreational Centers, Family Entertainment, Large Scale Marketing Events

Call for more information - 408-569-9504


MultiBall Club

Multi-Sports clubs and ftness centres utilise this version to provide their members and guests with both entertainment and basic training elements. MultiBall Club is used for warm up sessions, circuit training or intense full body workouts with ball games. Furthermore, it is an efective tool to engage kids with sports and learn basic soccer, tennis and throwing skills.

  • Measurements: 409 x 285 x 14 cm

  • Play Area: 460 x 460 cm

MultiBall Pro

MultiBall Pro is developed for the high demands of sports facilities such as tennis or soccer clubs and gyms in schools and universities. The dimensions of the MultiBall Pro allow an efcient, efective, and precise training of all-encompassing elements of the applications to improve training and performance for all ages and across all skill levels


Larger more robust MultiBall platform allows opportunity to engage more costumers, athletes, guests at the same time.

  • Measurements: 489 x 335 x 14 cm

  • Play Area: 460 x 460 cm


MultiBall LED Wall

For bright environments or event applications our MultiBall LED which comes with an impact proof LED screen. With a much higher brightness and picture quality, the system can also be uses as a video wall for other applications. It can be set up quickly with no need of surrounding stands and we also offer an outdoor version.

Perfect large scale indoor or outdoor event marketing platform. Allow your brand to physically engage your customers expanding your event or location experience.

  • Measurements (stand alone): 409 x 295 x 122 cm

  • Play Area: 500 x 500 cm

  • Brightness: 3500 cd/qm

  • Resolution: 936 x 624 px

Call for more information - 408-569-9504

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