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Precision Manufacturing with Unmatched Aesthetics

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Premier AirBag Manufacturer

True Movement Tech understands image and has built a bag that structurally and aesthetically not only fits your brand but extends and
improves the facility environment you’ve worked so hard to create.


Due to a self-tightening system the tear-resistant pillow soft topsheets will stays in place after each jump. Our improved wall structure makes sure the AirBag keep its shape and helps jumpers leave the AirBag with great ease! Improving through put and attraction management.


This, in combination with our impeccable print quality ensure that your AirBag will look its

best for years to come. If the covers get dirty, they are machine washable or, in the

worst case, easily replaceable!

Why True Movement Tech AirBags?

Experienced Air-Experts

Every AirTrack Factory product has been tested and improved by professional athletes from multiple disciplines.

Superior Manufacturing

Beautiful designs by in-house designers,self-flattening top sheet, flatter landing surface with higher and more stable walls.

By The Book / Safety First

All our equipment is compliant
with American and European

Quick Delivery

Standardized sizing allows for delivery from stock.

Broad Product Range

AirTracks + AirBags creates unique solution specialists.  

Direct Factory Manufacturing

No up charges, reselling fees.  Costs go completely into quality products and future servicing support.

Pressure Monitoring

Only company with active pressure monitoring capabilities. Know that your attraction is safe.

Industry Insiders

Get insight into industry trends.  What size bag? What attractions into the bag? How to utilize and how to optimize?

We can help answer all these questions.

Call for more information - 408-569-9504

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