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The most versatile attraction on the market.

AirTracks offer a unique experience in the trampoline world:  No metal frames, no double bouncing, bounce dependent on ability offers more patron control, lends itself to multiple disciplines (gymnastics, cheer, martial arts, organized play, fitness, etc.), customizable and professional unlike cheap bounce houses. 

We are a direct manufacturer which means your imagination is the only limit on what we can do

with AirTracks.

Flying Squirrel - London.jpg


Use as a border, use as a mini-tramp, combine with an AirBag the AirTakeOff is a unique attraction that offers 1000 ways for your patrons to use.


Through Put: 6 athletes per min

Starting Price: $ 4925 - $ 15685

SkyZone - Riverside

AirTrack Arena

Organize soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, Zorb, Nerf shootouts, the AirTracks are the perfect solution for organized group bounce activities. No double bouncing!


Through Put: 20 athletes per 5 min game

Starting Price: $ 15500 - $ 32500


AirTrack + AirBag

AirBags offer all the safety of foam pits with better branding, cleanliness, and long term affordability.


Through Put: 60 athletes per min

Starting Price: $ 15500 - $ 45250

Checkout more AirBag details

KTR - Chandler.jpeg

Full Inflatale Floor

Out with trampoline parks... on to Airtrack parks! Enough said.


Through Put: 10 athletes per 36 sq m

Starting Price: $ 15500 - $ 150000

SkyZone - LosAngeles.jpg

Ninja Warrior or Slackline Crash Pad

Put under Ninja Warrior obstacles or slacklines for a safe clean alternative to foam pits.  


Through Put: 1 athlete per lane

Starting Price: $ 3500 - $ 8750


Parkour Course

Why would you put metal or wood obstacles in your facility. AirTrack mats + foam blocks offers a safer alternative AND more fun!


Through Put: 160 athletes per min

Starting Price: $ 3500 - $ 8750



Gamification is the next step in Family Entertainment attractions.  AirTracks can be easily integrated in other products from EliPlay, Superior Trampoline, or others!

Defy - Greenville, SC.jpg

Dodge Ball

The classic trampoline attraction with a twist.  No metal frames, opens up movement, tumbling, and flipping.  Add foam obstacles for added fun.


Through Put: 20 athletes per 5 min game

Starting Price: $ 4925 - $ 15685



Give your old trampoline court a much needed face-lift.  Easily strap these affordable inflatables to your frames and completely transform your main court.


Through Put: 5 athletes per min

Starting Price: $ 525 - $ 5525

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